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Patent Law

Are you looking for intellectual property or patent lawyers in Edmonton or Alberta?  Then look no further to find the top-rated patent and IP lawyers.

Typically they are able to handle trademark, intellectual property (IP) law, and trade secret litigation.

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Evaluating the Best Lawyer for You

When searching for the best lawyer, you have to consider a few different factors.  Of course you need to consider traditional factors like the experience level and price of the law firm.  Secondly, you always should consult reviews and previous clients to see if they have had a good experience.

Next, you should look for a firm or lawyer within the firm that has a specialty within IP law (relevant to your geographic area as well).  Many lawyers will do patent law, but mainly operate in other law fields.  Patent law is vastly different from other areas of law and you will fare much better if you find an attorney that specializes in it.

Finding the right lawyer that knows the process well, specializes in patents, and is experienced will make the process as affordable as possible.  The right lawyer will be able to navigate the complicated process of filing patents.  The quicker and more efficiently they can file, and subsequently make alterations as needed in order to get your patent approved, the more money it will save you in the long term.

Finding an ethical lawyer is important as well.  An ethical lawyer will be straight-forward with you, and honestly tell you if a patent application is going to be denied (and therefore is a waste of your time).  Applications can be an expensive procedure, costing upwards of ten thousand dollars, so making sure you have the right lawyer is essential.

Unlike personal injury law, patent law does not involve a direct profit for you or your business.  Because of this, finding an honest attorney or agent is highly important to doing it in the most affordable way possible.

A good patent agent will perform a comprehensive patentability search in order to determine the idea, process, or innovation is truly patentable.

Edmonton Overview

Finding Patent Lawyers in Edmonton

Edmonton has a number of very experienced and competent patent lawyers that have significant experience serving the area.  Our directory team is currently reviewing these lawyers in order to find only the best lawyers that have consistently received top reviews from their clients.

For information regarding patent laws in Canada, you can read the Wikipedia page about the requirements for a patent in Canadian law.  You can also read more about the process of filing for a patent from the Canadian Intellectual Property Office.  Having a good idea of the patent process will allow you to better evaluate the different attorneys.

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